Adding the BLING

BLING is normally shiney and bright but on an old steam engines it is rusty. The hardest item to source on the train so far has been rusty chain. These days the chain in every store I've been is is galvanized, plated or adonized to keep it from rusting. I want OLD chain and the rustier the better. I've been stopping in at all kinds of places, looking for used chain. I've found a bit so far and have feelers out for a bunch more.

The chain stashed on the old engines would have been looped over the bumpers and grab rails, handy for when a tree fell over the tracks or a log needed yarding from near the right of way. I hung the chain appropriately and then carefully welded it into place.

Up in the cab, the guages were glued into place on the pipes. I'll be painting and aging them in place.

There's lots more bling and detail to come. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan