Back up to full speed

The crew is back up to full speed in the shop and the projects are in full production once more. The water tower got it's final glazes and is now ready to go out the door. It looks pretty cool and will look even better when it is finally sitting on top of the trestle and the water tank plopped on top.

Two of our crew were busy welding on the giant log and also got a start on the wiring. The log form is really starting to show through.

The massive log that is to be placed above the east entrance also got it's coat of fiberglass reinforced concrete and the woodgrain was sculpted in. It sure looks big in the shop! But as always things seem to shrink in a big way when they get out of the door and on site.

I'll be showing more tomorrow. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment