Just a little tease

My momma always told me not to tease others but it was a lesson I was never good at. Even to this day.

Over the last days I've been working at designing a new large project for 2015. As usual it could very well be our very best work yet when it gets built. Time will tell. I've sure had fun dreaming up and drawing the many drawings.

The theme for this project is different than anything we've ever done before. It's a serious and historical subject but done in a very fun style with everything taken to the extreme (as per usual). But this early in the project I've been sworn to secrecy by the client - at least for now. That means I can't show anything here. But I simply couldn't resist. I of course had to sensor the drawing just a little.

If anyone somehow figures things out promise me you won't tell anyone...  :)

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky4 Comments