In the middle of it!

Today was a day of painting, welding and wiring in our shop, getting ready to move the pieces out and laying the groundwork for the next pieces to be fabricated. I managed to grab one cute shot of Sarah as she put the last strokes of paint under the trestle.

Up at the worksite the big news was the erection of the ferris wheel. Chris' goal from the start of the project was to have the ferris wheel standing before they took a break for Christmas. They made it - barely! Tomorrow is their last work day of the year.

While the big lift carried on, many other machines were also busy as they started to fill the center courtyard up to it's final level. By the end of the day the site looked substancially different than it had first thing in the morning.

Today's post reminded me of the post I made back on July 31, 2013. (I looked it up) Back then we went up in the boom lift to see just how high the ferris wheel was going to be and to decide its orientation. We had previously painted lines out on the blacktopped land to mark out where everything we were building was going to be. The whole idea was still very much a dream back then as we drew and redrew the plans to get the perfect layout. Now almost five months later the dream is becoming more real with every passing day. Here's the photo I posted back in the middle of summer from almost the very same spot.

Tomorrow promises to be another big day in the shop as we try our best to finish off most of the large pieces in the shop and then scramble to bring in the new. It's our last day of full crew before the holidays and they will all be in the shop. It's going to be high energy for sure. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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