Flying high!

Today was one of those days when I wasn't  ever fully caught up with the crew. They just kept forging ahead, somehow knowing the things that needed doing. In the shop lots of features that were previously shades of concrete grey are now bright colors. I'll report on that tomorrow. It was an even bigger day up at the worksite. Matt and Marty almost finished the welding around the Wave Swing island. The wiring will be the next item on the adjenda and mudding will start after the New Year. 

Today's big news was the mountain top. John Wishlow arrived with his crane truck mid-morning to do the big lift. I always get a little nervous as our pieces begin to fly for there is an incredible amount of weight hanging from some small eye bolts (relatively speaking). Today's flight would be the highest one of our pieces have ever flown! The real test would be whether all the complex roof angles and valleys fit our rooftop piece. It passed with flying colors!

Once the mountain was in place it was time to hook up the tree for it's final flight as well. 

I got a ride up in the boom lift and grabbed the chance to take an arial shot of the Wilderness Adventure area. With all the retaining walls in the works the space is defined clearly now.

While John was onsite with his crane we did one last lift. The balloon photo opportunity is now complete. It instantly added a big splash of color to that side of the park.

Everything went smooth and safe throughout the day. I love it when a plan comes together!  :)

-grampa dan

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