Playing with the mud

While I was at the worksite on Friday the crew was busy sculpting the next big piece in the studio. It's the mountain top piece that will sit on the roof of the three story building. This portion, along with the tree that bolts to the top will be prefabricated and painted in the shop and then lifted into position at the end of this month.

The crew spent the day applying the fiberglass reinforced concrete to the large form, then smoothing it out. I returned to the shop in the late aftenoon to spray on the texture coat. A masive cleanup finished off the task. The bottom of the piece is carfully shaped to conform to the roof that will eventually hold it up.

At the back of the piece we sculpted in a door so we could gain access to the inside to hook things up. The door will be mudded and carved on Monday.

Next week we'l begin the painting proces to finish it off. It won't be long until the BIG lift. I can hardly wait!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment