Steel framework

Much of what we do first starts with welding up a cage or armatire around which we will build our features. As fast as we coat them out in concrete the next frames are underway. One such area is the cave maze we are fabricating onsite. It will be situated under one of the elevated pathways into the park. Building the frames involves welding a web of pencil rod to form the shape of the cave. The grid needs to be about 6" x 6" or 3" x 12" to ensure it is stable when we apply the mesh and concrete. For a cave network that measures 20' x 30' like we are fabricating that's a LOT of pencil rod and welding! Today I finished one long tube of the cave which means I am more than one third of the way done. It looks pretty cool inside. Here's a look from the top side.

Back in the shop Peter was welding up the cage for the giant tree that will be the highest point in the park (except the rides). It's still hard to see the finished shape but it is going to be a spectacular piece.

Stay tuned to see these pieces come together...

-grampa dan

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