Playing in the mud

We call our 'secret' fiberglass reinforced concrete mud because it sure looks like mud when it's wet. The mud is troweled onto our steel armatures anywhere from 1/2 inch to one inch thick. Then it is allowed to set up until it is ready to carve. We then use a variety of tools to carve in the texture we desire. While it sounds easy, the truth is it takes a long while to master. Our relatively new crew is getting good at the job but are still working at their skills. The best way to get good is by doing and so the crew members are all taking their turn at mudding and carving. Today the ladies got in a good deal of practice. Matt and Adison did the mixing chores.

The balloon top was the first order of business.

The end result was a mudded and carved hot air balloon.

The basket was the next piece to get the mud treatment. Only the sandbag weights on the corners remain to be done on this piece.

Today we decided to push a little harder and also do the little mine car, so it too recived the mud treatment. Kendra, Hailey and Jenessa pitched in to finish off the sculpting as quitting time approached. It was a little top heavy so the two cement bags evened things out until we can secure it to the tracks.

Up at the lake TJ and Marty were welding the base of the Wave Swinger island. It's going to be a superbely detailed and fun section of the park when it is done. The boys made a great first days' progress.

The building is also taking shape quickly. The carpenters are learning to build 'our way' and having fun at it too. The roof is now gently swayed, and the front gables on the western front startng to come together. The blocking is now in place to the mountain peak that will soon reside up on top. Next week we are doing some pretty fun things to the front section of the building. This section of the park is going to be pretty spectacular when we are done. 

It's been a very productive week all around thanks to the efforts of my crew and everyone else at the site. THANKS!

-grampa dan

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