Pics of site progress

Today was a very eventful day at the park site. Our guys were busy welding the bottom framework for the fence. We'll be sculpting a rock wall over this frame. They are welding up many hundreds of feet of pencil rod each day and it is coming together quickly.

The carpenters are busy on the building and making good progress. The trusses arrived today and we now have a good idea just how tall the building is going to be. The thing to remember is that the mountain top gets plunked up on top of the peak and the giant tree gets fastened to the top of that! It is going to be fabulous!

Once the trusses were in place the carpenters had some questions about how I wanted the structure built to accomodate our theme work.and I had to go up to the second floor to answer them. While I was up there I took a few minutes to enjoy the view from above. Here's a look to the east, the first shot being over the bumper boat pool. The elevated round pad will house the giant swing ride.

Swinging around slightly to the north we get a good look at the Wilderness Adventure area. Part of the original Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf is visible to the upper left. Our crew is in the background working on the fence. The kid's cave laberinth which will be under the walkway is still visible. Behind it the pool that will have the barrel bridge crossing is taking shape. A waterfall will tumble from the building that will be constructed on the footing to the left. The two workers in the foreground are working on the footing for the bridge to the swing ride island. The slab in the foreground will be a storage building under the elevated walkway. 

Back in the shop the crew polished off the wiring on the balloon today. We will begin the concrete sculpting on that giant piece tomorrow morning. Here's a pic of Jenessa tying the very last wire. Well done to all who worked on this very large piece!

Each day the park looks more and more complete. I can't walk on site without a HUGE grin!

-grampa dan

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