Tree sculpt DONE!

Mondays always seem a little more hectic as I scramble to assign work to all the crew, meet with the client to decide on the week's action and line up the materials we need soon. Monday seems to be the day for designing too. Even with all of that going on I managed to get my hands a little dirty. Peter worked part of the morning to apply some concrete to the tree. Hailey and I had a meeting after he left and we decided (with some encouragement from her) to go for it and try to finish the sculpting on the tree. It was a little ambitious but doable. It took a few minutes of overtime to get it all done but thanks to the efforts of Hailey, Jenessa, Kendra, and Sarah we managed to polish it off. The tree sure looks cool!

The thing about sculpting trees is that the twistier and gnarlier they are, the more the degree of difficulty goes up exponentially. This tree was definitely over the top but well worth the effort!

To give an idea of the giant scale of this piece I took this picture of Hailey peeking around the roots. She is standing tall (five foot six or so).

On Friday the painting process begins and by the end of next week the tree may just be on it's way to the 'mountain top'.

Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment