Gold rush!

It's fun to come up with new logos and signs which are to be used on our projects.The ideas I come up with need to tell a story, stay in character and also inform our guests of the things that need saying. Today's task was to come up with a suitable logo for the gold panning attraction under consideration for the young kid's area in the park. The water tower (which I showed yesterday) will supply the water to the sluice box. The mine car will appear to be used to transport ore to the box. It will still have remnants of the red rock left in the dumped car. Down below the guests will have a chance to try their hand at the time honored tradition of gold panning. Only in this case little will be left to chance. Every guest will be guaranteed to find some color in their batch of gravel. The date in the old fashioned logo has significance of course. It's my client's birth year (minus 100 years).

The gold rush is on!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment