Runaway mine car

The first day back at work after time away is always a day to catch up and re-focus on the tasks at hand. I spent the first part of the morning with the crew going over all they had done and laying out the next projects. Then it was back to the shop. After four days of being on the road I needed to get my hands dirty and work with some tools. I first scrounged the bone yard out back, gathering the pieces I needed. I had been given a bunch of old train car wheels and some formed channel iron a number of years ago and now I had the perfect use in mind. Then I fired up the cutoff saw, plasma cutter, grinders and welder and set to work. It was time to cut, shape and weld some steel. The task I chose to do today was to weld up the frame for the mine car. 

It's a fun little piece that will look pretty cool when it is combined with the water tower over top. Stay tuned to see it come together...

-grampa dan 

Dan SawatzkyComment