Gathering ideas

It's funny how my friends and neighbors think each time I go away it is for pleasure. They envy my recent journey to Trinidad or this time the sourjorn to Florida. The truth is it's all business, even though, in fact, I may go to some of the same places as they do for their holidays. On my trips however there is no time for relaxation for we are in the business of theme parks. This trip was to walk the floor of a theme park convention and trade show where more than a thousand vendors from around the world show the latest theme park hardware and attractions. I spent many hours walking the floor looking at new things, talking to people and learning all we possibly could. Most of the information I gathered yesterday was directly related to current or upcoming projects. 

But I was also soaking in everything I possibly could to make me a better designer and builder of future projects. We finished our business at the trade show about two oclock this afternoon and headed back to the hotel briefly. We then jumped in the car to go to two local theme parks to see and learn even more. Our visits to the parks, (like my walking around the trade show) was a whole lot of fun for me, but I was there for much more than just a good time. Chris and I walked through the parks looking intently at everything we saw. I took scores of pictures documenting everything for future reference. Along the way we gathered and discussed ideas, looked at color schemes talked about how things were made and excitedly dreamed up future projects.

It's been a wonderful and worthwhile trip. Now it's time to head home once more. On the long plane ride home tomorrow I'll be busy making notes and quick drawings in my sketchbook to capture and adapt these new of ideas to suit our purposes before I get busy making up for my time away. Then on Friday it is time to get back to real work once more.

-grampa dan

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