THANKS to a great crew!

With my being in Florida for the international theme park convention and trade show I suddenly feel like my readers do each day, wondering how much progress was made and what great adventure the Sawatzky crew enjoyed this day. I couldn't stand the wait this afternoon and so checked in with home base. I also got Haiey to take some pictures so I could see the progress, both in the shop and on site. I was pleased. Very pleased. I'm also pleased to pass some of those photos on tonight here on the blog.

The sign lettering that will be mounted to the light house base is looking ever more colorful each hour. By the Friday we should be able to mount them in place. I can hardly wait! Great job Jenessa! In the background Brando is busy applying the wire mesh to the balloon. It too should be ready for the concrete in a day or two at most.

Peter and Hailey have been busy adding more concrete to the tree and the crew polished off the mesh wiring too. It is starting to look pretty cool!

The Balloon basket will be ready for the concrete work by the end of tomorrow. It too looks great!

Up at the lake work site the crew there has been very busy too. The cave maze now has the welding complete and the wiring nearing completion. It will be ready for the concrete work by the time I return. Exciting stuff!

TJ has also been busy (With the help of others I'm sure) on the barrel bridge over the creek. It will be wired in a dy or two as well. It's sure good to see it shaping up as I imagined it would - and without my being there.

It is sure good to have a hard working crew I can count on - even if I'm not watching. THANKS to each one!

-grampa dan

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