Two kinds of frames

When we weld our frames for the sculptures we create there are two kinds of cages we build. One, for symmetrical features, like the balloon need to be symmetrical and neat. There's a certain latitude allowed to get the slightly off kilter items we build, but just enough to create our magic and no more. Today I was welding this kind of structure. The grid is evenly spaced and the bars are formed to be just like the ones beside. It actually takes longer than the second kind of structure. Looking at this piece, even in this state, it is easy to visualize the finished result.

Peter was working on the second type of cage we build. It was for a gnarly tree. This cage forms the twisted roots and branches and even an old ladies face in the tree. Unless you know what you are looking at the pencil rod frame looks pretty abstract. But have no fear for there is a definite plan in place. It will all come together as we apply the galvanized lath and then begin to apply the fiberglass reinforced concrete.

Just wait and see...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment