Up, up, and away!

Back when we started in this crazy business I had no idea of the variety of fun things I would get to build through the years. The list seems endless. Cars, trucks, trains, planes, trees, rocks, horses, moose, dragons, submarines, castles, space ships and a whole bunch more. It also suprises me how we get to revisit a particular theme from time to time. The most prevelent themes have been trains, trees, trucks, boats of and submarines along with a host of giant rocks. There's been two castles and two giant dragons too. this week we begin our second hot air balloon. The first was for the adventure golf at West Edmonton Mall. It's still there more than fifteen years later and looking as good as the day we built it. It is an engineering marvel, held aloft by a single 4" x 4" steel post and four guy wires. That is an amazing feat, especially when you consider the balloon is made from concrete and steel!

The balloon we are starting this week will act as a photo op for the Cultus Lake Adventure Park at the east entrance, The basket will be large enough to hold a family or group of friends.

As always, we start out with a welded structural steel frame. This weeks balloon will also be held up by a single post, although it is a six inch thick pipe this go around (as required by the structural engineer. Tomorrow I'll weld up the pencil rod substructure around which we'll sculpt the skin of the balloon. The basket will be built as a separate piece.

Up, up and away!

-grampa dan

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