Bucky makes his debut

As the workshops rapidly approach the pace quickens around the shop. With so much work currently on our plate we are trying to stay in production as long as possible. That means until the morning coffee break tomorrow we will do shop work. After coffee we'll switch gears and do cleanup and workshop preparations. Four hours later everything should be set up and our first guests arriving. It's going to be a fun challenge.

Today, plenty was accomplished in the shop and around the yard as preparations for the workshops and paying work continue at the same time. This afternoon Sarah, Hailey and I sculpted the first side and began work on the second side of the Bucky's Bumper Boat sign. Tomorrow morning we'll finish the sculpting and ready the sign for paint.

Tomorrow the last glaze goes on the horse and then he moseys out the door to make room for the next.

Stay tuned for even more tomorrow...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment