Eight second rides

We love to have fun at work. My feeling is that if we can't have fun doing what we do it is time to find another occupation. One way to have fun is to test drive our creations. The horse was too tempting to resist. Chris, our client, was one of the first to go for a ride. We just happened to have a cowboy hard hat handy.

With a little encouragement Chris really got into it.

Chris wasn't the only one to give the nag a spin. Peter had a little fun too.

It turns out that Sarah has been hiding a secret talent. Little did we know she is a trick rider.

I suspect there will be a bunch more test drives before the horse goes up to the lake. No matter how many funny pictures we may take it will be but the beginning of endless rides for the guests of the park.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment