Cooking up a visual laugh

For the Trinidad project we are featuring pirates but not of the ordinary kind. These pirates are Gruffles, most definitely creatures of uncertain origin, and so ugly they are kind of cute. The master of the galley is 'Cookie'. While not especially appealing to adults I'm sure the kids will love him and all the food served in his galley.

While 'Cookie' is plenty funny on the food service sign, the punch line would be lined up on a shelf above the serving area for the food. These would be Cookie's alternate utensil attachments for his arm, used for different foods he might be preparing.

At the Sculpture Magic Workshop I always sculpt a sample piece to demonstrate my methods. This time I decided that Cookie would be the perfect piece. Over the course of three days, in between my teaching he was completed.

As time permits in the next weeks I'll begin work on the sign and the utensil rack as well. There's a host of these characters to create for this project. Imagine the fun to be had. Aaaaarrrrrg me maties!!!!!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment