Moving a mountain

Any day we move a major piece is always exciting. The question is whether we finally made a piece too heavy for the equipment we have on hand or too large to fit where we need it to go. This morning my client arrived with his truck to hook up the trailer and set off down the road. Before we hit the road we stopped to check things over one last time and also snap a few pictures.

Then we were off and heading down the road. Traffic was light, the weather good. We kept speeds down to 50 kph (30 mph) as this load was heavy. The trailer towed well without any sway on the winding mountain road. We were barely under legal height. We only had to travel about ten miles.

It wasn't long until we had traveled the level road and then we turned up the steep hill to the park. All along the way heads turned and people stared. They couldn't believe what they were seeing.

We arrived safe and sound, after carefully navigating the bumpy road into the site. Then it was time to hook up the zoom boom. The operator gingerly lifted the giant piece and everyone breathed a sign of relief as it easily lifted off the trailer.

He then gingerly and slowly drove the hundred yards or so to the tight portion where we had to squeeze through some trees and line up for the final placement on the edge of the bumper boat pool. Slow and easy was the name of this game.

Then it was time to spin it around and raise it up one last time to clear the conduits and piping.

We signalled the operator to lower the piece to it's final resting place. The feature had arrived without a scratch. From the time we hooked up the truck in our driveway until touchdown at the edge of the pool had taken a little more than one hour in total. It is always a good thing when things go as uneventful as this move.

I headed back to the shop to continue work on the next pieces that would make the journey. Stay tuned for more excitement.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment