Long day of learning

Pictures and captions can't begin to describe the feeling of what happens in our shop. Today was day two of our Sculpture Magic Workshop. At eight this morning some of our students were waiting for me at the door to our shop. The rest arrived a very short time later. We jumped right into it. I challenged each student with the comlexity and the quickness of each exercise. In short I was doing my very best to squeeze 40 years of experience into only three days. Today was mostly about fabricating good sized trees from fiberglass reinforced concrete. Concurrent with that were other projects as well as a field trip and a lecture.

Through it all spirits were high, laughter was plenty.

At eleven this evening the entire class was still in the shop and working hard. I sent them out the door with the promise tomorrow they can start all over again.

I'm exhausted but happy in Yarrow...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment