Moving a mountain

To host our workshops we need to set up tables and have lots of working space. Where normally only a few people work, during the workshops ten to fifteen will share that same space. Until this morning it was impossible to walk from one end of the shop to the other as there were projects in progress all through the shop with the bulk of the space taken up by the sign/mountain/waterfall/lighthouse feature. It was time to pull it from the shop and do some serious rearranging. I warmed up our trusty little tractor and the guys fetched the sturdy chains and hooked me up. While the tractor did the heavy pulling the boys steered it out the door (with minimal clearance) and out into the parking lot.

We'll finish welding, wiring, cementing and scultping the piece out in the parking lot.

The rest of the pieces in progress were also moved out of the shop. In a couple of hours the shop was swept, re-arranged and set up for the Sculpture Magic Workshop. As we finished the guests began to arrive, eager to begin the learning. It's going to be fun!

-grampa dan


Dan SawatzkyComment