Juggling jobs

Some days I feel like a juggler, keeping many diverse things up in the air, balancing (sort of) perfectly but always right on the edge of control. Today was such a day. Everyone was busy in the shop. Out in the yard we were doing new fencing for the horses. We were also stocking up on supplies needed for the Sculpture Magic Workshop that starts tomorrow. In between I worked at my design table and other various jobs.

Some of the tasks we were doing were not glamorous nor flashy, but still very necessary. One such item(s) was the first batch of fence posts, now ready for the application of concrete and then sculpting. 

The hard working crew has also finished almost a hundred rock forms, both welded and wired. These will be soon welded to the 'dirt bank' structures that forms the mountain before we apply the concrete in the coming weeks.

When I went to town for supplies I stopped in up at Cultus Lake to see progress on-site. The large crew up there has been very busy to say the least. The bumper boat pool bottom was poured today. Next week they will backfill the pool and begin work on the island which will support the raised deck for the giant swing ride. That will be our cue to begin our theme work on site.

Forms for the first floor (of three) are almost in place. By the end of the week those walls should be poured and then they begin work on the cast in place suspended slab. It won't be long until our work begins to build a giant mountain around the building. It's going to get to be more fun all the time as we really get into the job!

Tomorrow we clear the shop once more and do our preparations for the workshop. By mid afternoon the first of our eager guests should start rolling in. Another wonderful adventure is about to begin. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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