Another successful workshop.

Jim's face summed up the workshop nicely. He, as did all the others created a wonderfullyimaginative and colorful bug (creature) as a dimensionl sign excercise.

Like everyone else Jim was a little surprised at what he was able to do with just a little nudge from my team and I. We all have a whole bunch of creativity bottled up inside us, often put away as we grow up. Even those of us who use our minds and hands to create signs, sometimes leave creativity far behind as we busy ourselves with doing things as fast and as easily as possible.

While we show many techniques and tricks in our workshop I also take it on myself to poke my students and get them to think about doing things in a more creative way. In the process I know they will find work to be a whole lot more fun and challenging. It sure beats actually working for a living.

Thanks so much to our whole team for their hard work in hosting another wonderful workshop. Your efforts were greatly appreciated by all who attended.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment