Momma's got mail

Phoebe is at that magical age where she has total confidence in her abilities and an imagination that takes her everywhere imaginable. Imagine sitting down each day and lacking no shortage ideas of things to draw or build and also knowing immediately how you might go about it. This is where Phoebe lives each day. It is something I strive for in my own work and certainly encourage in hers. She has it - with bells on. All she needs is an endless supply of paper, some felts, a pair of scissors and plenty of Scotch Tape. She got plenty of each for Christmas. And since then she has been very busy!

Yesterday's project was a mailbox for her Mom's door. It has MOM on the side - so the mail man knows who this belongs to. The working flag is neatly fastened on the center of the 'O'. Design and funtion merge seamelssly. The flap works too of course and is complete with a paper catch. The mail box is neatly taped to Bec's bedroom door along with a whole lot of previous creations.

This mailbox isn't just for show for I've noticed the flag is often up and mail is stashed inside. Well done Phoebe!

-grampa dan