Plenty of sample signs line the walls of our studio and shop. These signs fulfil many functions. The signs are a testing ground for new ideas, methods and materials. Building them hones my skills. The sample signs showcase all the things we can do for our prospective customers. I couldn't expect my customers to understand my ideas without showing them what we can do.

I've had anidea for a new sample rattling around in my head for quite some time. Now at last it is time to begin work on the project. It will happen over the next month or so, a few minutes at a time as I can squeeze it in.

The sign was inspired by a visit to an old abandoned mine on Quadra Island more than forty years ago. Little from the actual mine will make it onto the sign save for the name "Lucky Jim's Gold Mine".My project began with a quick sketch in my book. I wasn't worried about type style or even scale at this point - just capturing the feel of the sign.

I decided to start with the wheels and track first. The mine car would determine the scale of the sign. The wheels were routed as were the pieces of rail. The ties were hand carved. I finished the basic assembly tonight of the first pieces.

Stay tuned as the fun begins...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment