Dream on!

I'm a big believer in that we should all live out our dreams. Each dream we have carries a price of course and often takes years to fulfill. But I believe most dreams are achievable.

The folks who work for me, come to work each day to help me with my dream(s). I am grateful and in return I enjoy helping them with the dreams and goals they work towards. One of the first questions I ask those who seek to work for me is about their dreams. Show me a person with lofty goals and a definite direction in their life and I will show you a person with a strong work ethic and motivation. These are the ones I will employ every time. But I know these folks will not be with me forever. As they realise their dreams they will move on and we will part ways. We've seen it time after time.

Brando came to us a few months ago to help us in the shop and on the house project. Brando had worked as a chef previously but was ready for change. We would be a stopping point in his journey. He shared with me his dream of being an electrician, working hard in coming years to aquire his journeyman's ticket and working at this new trade. I promised him I would see what I could do to help him.

Brando worked hard each day, eagerly did all that was asked of him, arrived early and was always the last to leave each day. He was easy to recommend when I found out our electrician was hiring. It didn't take much on my part other than simply telling the truth about my hard working friend. Brando was hired. He starts his exciting new journey with his new employer tomorrow morning. As much as we will miss him, it gives me great pleasure to see him go. It is time for him to work on his dream.

Thanks, Brando, for working so hard these past months on our dream!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky4 Comments