Come fly with me!

Phoebe has been fascinated with noisy jets since she was tiny. When she was three years old I took her to a field close to the Abbotsford Airshow to watch the planes fly from a distance. I was afraid she would not like them when they roar overhead close but she loved it. Since then if I am in town when the airshow happens I make a point of taking her to see the jets up close and personal. We look forward to it all year. This past weekend was that time once again.

One of the activities is to take in all the static displays, climbing into each plane that is there. The biggest planes are the best. This year we were there early and the lineups weren't too long. She got to sit in the pilot's seat and try out the controls. There sure were a lot of dials and buttons!

Then we went down to the seating area and found a great spot to watch the planes fly all the neat tricks. The jets were the best of course - as usual!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment