The year of the new house

Today I recieved an email from a good friend who lives in California. He reads my journal regularly. His email stated the following...  "If you've been missing Mike, it's because he's still sitting on the tractor on the side of the house in front, and must have fallen asleep, as that's all I've been seeing for the last week! :-) "

My friend Danny understands that we've been very busy for he has been following our other blog as well... HOUSE PROJECT    This is the year of the new house. Signs are still being designed and built in the shop of course but the bulk of our efforts are spent on the construction.

The new house will be our home, something we've been looking forward to for more than a decade. But it will also be the face of our company on a very busy road. Our shop is at the rear of our property, about 350 feet from the road. Because our property is zoned residential we are limited to the size of our sign(s) out front. Our new house is what will really put us on the map. The house will be a landmark on a very busy road. It will also showcase everything we do in the grandest way imaginable.

So there's the explanation of why this blog has been a little quiet at times this year. I'll continue to post as we do projects in the shop and we have some cool projects in planning and underway. If it is too quiet here just jump over to the HOUSE PROJECT

Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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