Our daughter Rebecca has always had a soft spot in her heart when it comes to animals. They somehow find her and seem to just know that she can help them. Through the years countless animals have passed through her hands (and often through ours as a result). Pipsqueak Paddocks, a miniature horse rescue society is hosted on our small acreage and has helped more than a hundred and twenty horses since it was set up. Stray dogs, lost puppies and foster dogs all feel her love.

Last week a small brown dog appeared at our place when Bec came to tend the horses. The dog was a foster, in need of a temporary home. The little dog was largely blind, with curable eye problems, but the treatments would not come cheap. The society that rescued her could not afford the cure. The little brown dog was to simply have her eyes removed or would be put to sleep. We had to do more as this sweet little dog quickly worked her way into our hearts. We wanted to explore all options and see just what could be done. Some friends of ours stepped up and promised to help out with the cost of the surgery. We would provide a safe, secure and permanent home. We decided we would name the little dog with a moniker that would honor our friends who helped us help this little girl.

Pumpkin loves people, is eager to please and has made herself completely at home. She has a visit scheduled with an eye specialist in the next week. Her future looks a little clearer and brighter. Thanks to our good and kind hearted friends who made it possible for us to help.

Welcome home Pumpkin!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments