All we have to do is try.

One of the fellows working for us this summer has never done most of the tasks we ask of him. With each job we give Mike careful insruction and keep a watchful eye on him. In the last weeks he has pounded nails, used a skillsaw, climbed onto the roof to work and done a hundred other things never before attempted.

Today, we accidentally damaged an extension cord while we were grinding. It was handed to Mike and he was instructed to fix it. He at first looked at me like I had three heads but then set to work. Amazingly, in spite of his inexperience, he did the task and got it back together again in perfect working order. The next job involved cleaning out the router room. To haul the waste material to the garbage bin he got to hop on our small tractor and work the controls for the very first time. And with every task we have asked him to do, Mike found he was up to the challenge. 

We are all capable of so much more than we sometimes allow ourselves to believe. I know each of my crew can do these tasks. The only thing needed is the wish to give it a try. Mike has a willing spirit and jumps at every opportunity.

As I jokingly remind each our wonderful staff on a regular basis...  "What can possibly go wrong?"

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment