Gathering the building blocks

Today was a pedal to the metal day from the get-go. I got up bright and early to lay out the house before the suveyors arrived. They came early, just as we finished. While they set up Janis and I 'toured' the house one last time, just to make sure everything was right. The surveyors surveyed the site and then pounded in the pins on each of the corners of the house to make it official.

Then it was time to hook up the trailer to the truck and head to the local plant where they make the LOGIX Platinum Series ICF block. We will assemble these large blocks, much like LEGO, laying in rebar as we go, then fill the 8" cavity with a special mix of concrete. 

Monday morning the contractor begins buidling the forms for the footings. Once they fill those forms with concrete it will be time to begin stacking up the blocks to form the walls. I can hardly wait!

-grampa dan