Ready for actual building to begin!

Today was another big day on the house project. I was too busy to take any picures today. We brought in another 300 cubic yards of gravel, readying the excavation for the footings. I spent the day on the bulldozer and packer flattening out and tamping the aggregate. I did the last few passes after supper in the rain.

Tomorrow, the soils engineer does his last inspection and the surveyor will be here to pin the corners of the new house ensuring we get it in the right place.. I'll be taking the box trailer to the our local LOGIX manufacturer to start picking up the foam blocks we need to form the walls. Monday morning, bright and early the necessary lumber and rebar arrive along with the contractor's crew to begin forming the footings.

We have selected Western Concrete Ltd to supply our concrete needs. They are a small local company who we proudly support. 

It is exciting to see the first steps of our new house come together. There is so much to do yeet but at long last we are actually starting to se the results of our planning, dreaming and hard work.

Stay tuned for more real progress...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment