Being creative all of the time. NOT.

I often hear folks wish they could be in my shoes and simply be creative every day. I wish it were that way too! The truth is that for every hour I get to be creative there are many other hours doing lots of other jobs that are not quite as glamorous. In the last weeks I have spent many hours on the phone chasing down all kinds of things, gathering information, and setting up deals. Time is spent doing administrative things, behind the scenes organizing and plain old cleaning up. 

Now, I'm not complaing for I know I have one of the best jobs in the world. And all the other behind the scenes and not so glamorous work paves the way for the jobs that are more fun than anyone could possibly imagine. Those times make all the other stuff worthwhile - by a long shot.

Today was one of those less than super creative days. I still had fun although at the end of the day I couldn't look back and laugh out loud at the crazy project we worked on. Today I was busy doing other things. But you can bet that the whole time I was thinking about some very creative things. It was a productive day - the kind of day that makes me itch to start something wilder than ever before.

Just wait until tomorrow...

-grampa dan

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