Ever green

While we think of ourselves as a sign shop, many of the projects we regularly take on are at the outside edges of that definition. It depends to some degree on our definition of a sign. A sign in my mind is anything that draws attention or promotes our customer's business, product or service. And it must do this in the most creative way we can imagine.

One of our clients recently came to us with a unique request. He wanted us to build a fence for the front of his property. He and his wife own a small acreage zoned for residential. They grow Christmas trees commercially but don't want to overtly advertise their business. The solution was to create a unique fence that subliminally advertised their wares.

The fence will be of welded steel that will be allowed to aquire a rust patina over time. Stay tuned for pictures of our progress.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment