My favorite son

We often joke at our house that Peter is a favorite son who can do no wrong. The truth is I have a favorite daughter as well, capable of similarly amazing things. Phoebe certainly qualifies as my favorite grandchild as well and holds me in awe on a regular basis. And Phoenix is my very favoritist son-in-law, of course capable of unbelieveable achievements on a regular basis. I have much cause to be proud of each of these favorites of mine.  We should all be so lucky!

Peter is off from university for the summer and has chosen to come home to give us a hand with the house project and also help out in the shop. He is no stranger to the tools we use, having worked with us for more than fourteen years before striking out on his own a decade or so ago. It is so good to have him back for there are few who can work alongside me, knowing exactly what I want with little instruction or explanation. A few words, a little scribble, and sometimes not much more than hand gestures will let him know exactly what I had in mind. And off he goes at full speed on the project. It is amazing really. 

It is going to be an amazing and FUN summer!

-grampa dan (and proud papa)

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments