The importance of samples

I've often stated just how much I believe in sample pieces for my shop. I knw from experience just how much they can change the direction we take. My customers would have a hard time visualizing the things we can do without the samples to show them. They help build confidence in our abilities. The samples are also a great chance to learn how to do new things. Although I don't always achieve it my goal is to create one sample each month. It is a solid investment in our future.

I started the latest sample at the Sculpture Magic Workshop a few weeks ago. It was cool but it needed more. So we created a ficticious business name and then built a sign to mount the mammoth head to. Hailey did the honors and called the business Wooly's Carpets. We have now completed the base colors and permanently mounted the head. Now the sign will get the final glazes before we finish the lettering.

Wooly makes me smile each time I go into the shop. I'll post more pictures as soon as we are done.

-grampa dan