Early morning miracle

This morning came much earlier than usual today. We host Pipsqueak Paddocks (a miniature horse rescue society) www.pipsqueakpaddocks.com on our property. In January we recieved a small herd of horses, two of which were with foal. Since then we, and folks from around the world have been patiently watching and waiting for the babies to come. Since the horses were rescues we had no history and no due date.

This morning, early, was finally the time for the first one. There is nothing quite as miraculous as a baby being born and with Phoebe sitting on my lap we had a front row seat. Things went well and quickly. The baby filly came out strong and healthy, and within a very short time was struggling to find her feet. 

To give an idea of scale... the momma horse is 32" tall at the withers (shoulders). She is doing well and taking good care of her new baby.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment