It's time!!

About six years ago we cut and painted a surround for a new clock in our shop. I asked my helper to NOT take apart the clock but rather just stick in into the new frame. I guess I wasn't clear with my instructions for the clock was taken apart to put in the new frame and it stopped working, never to tick again. We finished the project but the hands of that clock have been frozen in time ever since. A picture of that clock even made it into an international magazine. Our intent was to either fix it or find a new one the same size and replace it. We never did find the time.

With the workshops being held this week and next I finally decided I could stand it no more. We needed a clock. We aquired a new clock and I cut and glued a new decorative surround for it. I test fit it today and it does fit perfectly - and without taking apart the clock. In the next day or two we'll paint it all up and fasten in the clock. Hopefully it will work better than the old one.  :)

Now it is time to get busy once more!

-grampa dan


Dan SawatzkyComment