With construction of our new house due to start in a few weeks one of our concerns is the soggy weather. Winters in this part of the country aren't particularly cold but they can be damp. This spring seems to be much wetter than what I remember as normal. This far it hasn't been a problem for there is lots to do in the shop but the ground is pretty wet and once we get to digging we need to see a whole lot more sun or some heavy duty gumboots to get around.

Today is the last day of March. The trees are budding, the cherry blossoms are out, and the daffoldils are poking their heads above the ground. All this is happening despite the grey skies and cool, damp weather. Even more amazing is the snow just above us on the mountain, far too frequent for this time of year. On the way out to the shop this afternoon I snapped this picture as the sun dipped below the horizon to the west lighting only the top of the mountain - right at the snowline.

I reassure myself that the poor spring weather is perfectly OK for perhaps it means a glorious summer - when we need it to build our dream house. That thought makes me feel a whole lot better.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment