Attack by a NINJA!

Phoebe, my most favorite seven year old grand daughter has long claimed to be a NINJA. She is definitely deadly but is still working hard on the silent part of the equation. 

Today Janis & I were relaxing on the couch, watching a little TV when I saw Phoebe peek arond the corner, eyeing things up. I of course pretended not to take notice. She pulled back and then suddenly lunged into the room, did a neat summersault and disappeared behind the other couch. Janis and I both could hardly control our (almost) silent laughter. Then Phoebe noisily clambered between the couch and wall (small black dog named Ninja in tow) before emerging near us, knocking a floor lamp over in the process. (no serious damage was done) At this point Phoebe was out in the open but once more we pretended not to notice. She circled around behind us and then closed in for the tickle. I rewarded her (as required by grampa law) by being massively surprised.

Being a grampa is so very much fun!

-grampa dan

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