Giggle this!

Through the years Janis and I have built three houses of our own as well as many other projects. In the next while we will be building our fourth. With the last two houses we worked with contractors, doing the fancy and imaginative parts ourselves. On the house we are planning it will be the same.

We've chosen to work with Harold Esau and the crew of Harold's Contracting. They were the folks we worked with on the Fox and Hounds Pub. I found Harold and his crew easy to work with and ready to accept different ideas and unique ways of doing things. At the pub we were often asked 'Are we doing this or is it being GIGGLED?' This referred to the bits and pieces my crew was to handle. 

I suspect on the new house we'll be hearing that question a lot. This one is going to be the most fun ever!

-grampa dan


Dan SawatzkyComment