Thinking place

We all have certain places where we get no interruptions, places where we can solve tricky problems and think things out. Two particular places work especially well for me.

I like long, hot steamy showers and I find there I can't hear the phone ring and I have no distractions. Solutions for particualrly vexing problems often pop into my head while I am geting wet. It works every time. This is my thinking place.

Since I work from a home based studio/shop my schedule is at my bidding on most days. If the day is warm and the sun is shining I love to hop onto our garden tractor and mow the lawn. I have purposely designed and shaped the grounds to make it interesting. No straight lines in sight (save for the front property line) and the ground is now gently rolling with large hills. I find it fun and a wonderful place to dream up future projects. As I go around the many trees and curves I let my mind wander, thinking of new, creative projects. It is my happy place. While I hear so many dreading the task of mowing the lawn I look forward to it with great anticipation and do it more frequently than most I suppose. Each time is a wonderful occasion to dream.

With a shiney new and much quieter mower this year I look forward to it even more than usual.

If you drive by and see me on the mower I'll most likely wave hello, but if you wave and I don't wave back, don't take it personally. I am most likely deep in thought and my mind is often in some far off place or solving some complex creative problem.

-grampa dan

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