Neigh(r)ly there.

Today the ladies of my crew finished painting the glazes on the Lark Rise post and sign. The flat base colors became rich and deep as layer after layer pf paint and glaze was applied and judicuously removed to reveal and enhance the texture of the woodgrains. The bright silver of the sign peeks through the deep metallic black top coat adding a perfect sparkle. The lower numerals of the address will be painted with a triple coat of a durable metallic gold paint. The lettering on the face of the sign will reciece the ultimate sparkle of 23K gold. In the shot below Sarah and Haley are applying the dark brown glaze to finish off the wood of the post.

In the bottom shot the base painting and glazing are done as is the first coat of the colored bits and gold numerals. The numbers and decorative elements will get one or two more coats of color and then it is time for the real gold bling!

We are neigh(r)ly there.

-grampa dan