Sometimes they come back home.

About eight or nine years ago we built our first large welded steel sign. It was for our steel supplier and was made from steel of course. I wanted to make the sign rusty while my client wanted it to be shiny like stainless steel but wanted it made from mild steel and clear coated. But it wasn't practical and a clearcoat simply wouldn't last . I convinced the client to go my way and I finished making the sign. By then he had second thoughts once more and when I delivered the sign it was set up long enough for me to take pictures, then it was taken out back while we discussed it and negotiated some more.

I entered the photos of the sign in an international sign contest and it won first place. My client then proudly installed the sign (complete with rust) and it sat out by the road for many years. Last year with the tough economy taking it's toll my client decided to fold the business. I bumped into him shortly after and he offered me the sign. I gladly took it back for it has always been one of my favorites. I brought it home today and it will be one more sample piece on display around the shop. Only this one is no small sample... it is huge - much bigger than I remember!! I'm thinking it will make the most marvelous topper for my heavy duty steel rack. When a new helper wonders where the steel is kept there will be little doubt.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment