Got an aspirin?

Today was one of those days that simply didn't stop. I got up early and hit the ground running. Phone calls, meetings and more meetings filled my workday. The evening was when I did my real work. Some days go like that. All through the day I was almost on schedule.

If I was so inclined it was a two aspirin kind of day. As I finally relaxed for a few minutes as I watched the late news and reflected on the happenings of the day I was reminded of a matched pair of signs we made some time ago. This is the kind of day we had today...

One thing I wasn't sure of is how one would manage to choke down one of these babies. The pair of three foot pills weighed in at around 90 lbs as I recall.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for a little more relaxing day.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments