Catching the elusive butterfly

 As we get into designng our new house for real there are so many things to consider and chices to make. As the design comes together we have to choose a theme for the house. Like we did at the Fox and Hounds this theme will go throughout the house. It will be routed into corner blocks and trim, into door panels and lots of other places. In commercial buildings this would be branding, here it will be merely decoration. I've been excited about doing this type of thing in a residential setting since we got our CNC router more than six years ago. Now a last we get the chance!

Janis has loved butterflies as long as I've known her, so we will incorporate butterflies as the theme of our house. But Janis is a tough customer. She definitely knows what she likes - when she sees it. My job is to discover exactly what that is. After almost thirty-eight years togeher I've learned it best to bring her lots of choices. She looks them over and then has the incanny ability to look them over, pick one, and then make a suggestion to change one little thing to make it perfect - and better than I could do it on my own. 

All that means these days I am doing design after design in the search for that elusive but perfect idea. The result will be well worth the effort I'm sure.

Chasing butterflies is fun.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment