I really mean it this time... maybe.

Each time we go to the Fox and Hounds to work I am determined to get everything possible done, to stroke the last of the items off my list and call the project finished. It is just that time. The truth is we are a little ways from that but the to-do list is now getting very short... even if we manage to add a few more things to it every time I go there. Today we spent the morning there, hanging a bunch more little signs, the scoreboard for the dart board, and some other small details. 

Before we left I measured up a few more areas for the signs they needed. As they operate it quickly become apparent where signs are needed. As I was designing the routing files I noticed I had absentmindedly named them 'final signs'. But when I hit save I found the name was already taken. So was 'final signs 2'. Apparently I've thought we were at this point before. So I named the file 'Last signs'. Just maybe we've reached that point at last.

The truth is the Fox and Hounds Pub project is a lot like Disneyland. When someone asked Walt Disney when it would be finished he replied "It will never be finished as long as there is imagination left in the world'. The pub project is exactly like that. We'll just go on to a new contract and then continue on being creative. 

Today when we got back to the shop I was doing a little fabricating on some needed brackets. When I got to the wall bracket that would hold up the hostess sign I couldn't resist getting a little carried away...

While I hope to be finished this portion of the contract real soon I also hope the project never ends. I've had so much fun and I have lots of ideas left over.  :)

-grampa dan