My favorite customer

We all have our favorite customers. Chances are they don't spend the most money. These customers understand schedules, give us the time we need to do our work and don't haggle over price. They just ask for what they need and give us the freedom to do as I please, trusting me to do what I do best. I'm blessed with many good customers but there is one who stands out from the rest.

My favorite customer happens to be my neighbor Gord. He's also a very good friend. He lets me use his forklift and is always more than willing to give me a hand when I need it. He even changes the oil in my tractor and makes sure my ridem mower runs perfectly. He's an all around good guy.

Gord has a unique business. He goes by the name of Groovin' Gord. His unusual job is to cut slots in the concrete inside dairy barns so cows don't slip and fall. I had never heard of anyone doing this before we moved next door to Gord, but that's the business Gord is in and he does well at it too. A few years ago he asked me to design some new signs for him. Or maybe it was me offering to help him out... I can't really remember anymore. I came up with this crazy image which he has gone on to use just about everywhere. It's now on his trucks and trailers. Every piece of equipment he owns sports this funny looking cow standing firmly on some freshly grooved concrete. It is seen in his trade show booth, on is business cards and even on the fridge magnets he hands out to customers. He originally called his business CJ Concrete Grooving (after his kids) But over time he's changing it to Groovin' Gord. If you look close at the cow you will see the initials CJ in the black spots. 

While the farmers may think this cow is anything but perfect the image is very memorable. It makes everyone smile too. It works well and suits Gord perfectly. Gord's business is prospering in part because of the image we were only too happy to provide.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment