Evolution of a design


Some project designs come so easy. Raeleigh came to our place to adopt a horse from Pipsqueak Paddocks. Shw went away with a momma and yet to be born baby. The horses will go to their new home when the little one is big enough to travel. While Raeleigh was here she dropped into the studio to ask about a sign for their little ranch which they had named Lark Rise Horse House. She explained the property was hilly, wooded and had a Lord of the Rings feel. Plenty of images immediately popped into my head. I did  couple of quick sketches to convey my ideas to her and she loved them. These first couple of quick scribbles had nailed the design and everything would work out from that.

Over the next week or so I refined the design with input from the client. The first design was done before I saw the property. The rock base simply wouldn't work in the location the sign was to go.


Based on those first rough sketches it was modified to fit into the location it would call home. The street address was incorporated into the post. We went back and forth on colors until we settled on a dark background for the signs. The lettering would be 23K gold leaf for maximum sparkle and readibility. The sign will fit perfectly into their beautiful property.

Now the fun process of building this beauty will begin. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan